We started Imperium because we’ve seen so many kids with unrealized potential who don't know a pathway to improve. Our mission is to help student-athletes achieve their cycling goals as well as have enough time to excel school and have a social life.
Specific Goal Setting
Design Measurable Plan
Implement Plan Daily



Our ears are open to any and every athlete. Here is what we offer:
A one time conversation where we sit down and talk about: Goals, Limiters, Season Training Plan, and Specific Workouts to help you achieve your goal.
Beyond providing a training plan we take a holistic approach, helping you tackle nutrition, skills, equipment choice, and strategy so that you surpass your goals.
Ride Along
In these sessions we demonstrate proper technique whilst riding, will acompany on the rode, mountain, or gravel. We provide this primarily for bike handling.


Follow our blog for tips to improve training, that can help you reach your goals.
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These are the two brothers behind Imperium: Imeh and Ama Nsek
Imeh Nsek
Imeh Nsek


I have been coaching athletes for quite some time, my favorite aspect of working with athletes is seeing quantifiable improvements in fitness and in skills.

Ama Nsek
Ama Nsek


I have a passion for exercise science and it’s been a dream of mine to work with kids. I will go out of my way to make sure my athlete gets the mentorship they need to reach their goals.

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